Musica Nova: a fascinating choir! (english)

The very start of Musica Nova is situated in 1965, when the young and ambitious conductor Roger Leens graduates from the conservatory of music and gathers his first singers among some families in the area of Boom (near Antwerp). During the next 40 years he develops a choir with an impressive reputation and an even more impressive track record (many recordings, performances for television, international competitions…)

In 2005 Roger Leens hands on the torch ( or the conductor’s baton if you like ) to Paul Dinneweth, who continues the traditions of the choir. A persistent pursuit of a high artistic level and the programming of less known, challenging choral music are just an example. Since 2015 Jeroen Keymeulen is the conductor of Musica Nova.

All this results in fascinating and varied annual concerts: the creation of a new, contemporary Requiem (composer Martin Valcke) next to the Requiem by Gabriel Fauré, the rarely performed ‘Via Crucis’ by Franz Liszt with the contribution of the pianist Jan Michiels, but also ‘Christmas music from Haendel to Bach’ are some highlights of the past years.

Musica Nova counts at the moment about 50 singers. Each year it programs at least one concert production. In addition, the choir has also built up a repertoire for special occasions, like (wedding) celebrations, Christmas concerts and choral competitions.